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Hours of operation: Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm

Framed is a business built on the principal that great art should never be overshadowed, but enhanced, complimented and emphasised, the frame as part of the conversation if you like. With that in mind we offer a bespoke framing service that works with the theme and atmosphere of your art work whilst keeping in mind your own personal preferences.

We use a variety of raw timber mouldings milled exclusively from sustainably grown and harvested Australian hardwoods. These timbers posses beautiful grain which accepts stains and waxes readily, extending what could be viewed as a relatively small range of profiles into a large, versatile and broad range of options.

We are as precious about your art work as you are and as such use 100% archival and museum quality materials only.

As a business we refuse to take our little planet for granted. Whilst we do run on solar power, most of our equipment runs off simple peddle power, the reason for this is the simple mode of maintenance and manufacture which also utilises minimal energy. Our delivery vehicle is amazingly fuel efficient. All packaging is recycled and re-used, along with all the scrap's produced which are shared around with our creative friends to make more art, The wood chip created from cutting your frames is used as mulch on the native garden here at framed and the off cut wood is used as kindling for the fire to keep us warm and working in winter and so on.....
We sincerely look forward to meeting you and discussing options for your artworks when you find yourself in need! 


To book an appointment please feel free to

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  Size and quote the work - cut the frame - join the frame - putty the frame - sand the frame - sand it again for good measure - stain the frame - wax the frame - polish the frame - cut the glass - cut the backing board - cut the mount board - attach the artwork - clean the glass - remove all dust or specks  -  adhere the spacers ( Where necessary) - fit the work - pin up the back - tape up the back - drill the holes - screw in the 'D' rings - string the wire - fold cardboard corners - pop cardboard corners on for protection - pack it ready for it's new home!

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